Shila Devi: Eco-friendly Farming Leader from Darbhanga District, Bihar,
July 2015
Climate Change Adaptation leader from Devsingha Village, Maharashtra,
July 2015
Malkoshkapur Women build Community Resilience, Supaul, Bihar,
July 2015

Rajashri Mane: Sowing Seeds of Change in Ansurda, Maharashtra,
July 2015


Women Transform Ghospur village, Supaul District, Bihar. July 2015

Women Leadership in Sustainable Agriculture, Chivri Village, Maharashtra,
July 2015

Addressing disaster risk reduction and climate change by grassroots communities in Bihar, April 2013
Grassroots women's resilience initiatives in Maharashtra, April 2013
Creating alternative livelihoods and resilience building in Tamilnadu,
April 2013

Women leaders in organic farming, November 2012
Resilient women groups in Tamilnadu, April 2012
Women led disaster task force in Bihar, November 2012
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This report tries to document the impact of the climate change on human
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Strengthening Community Trainers, Tamil Nadu, India, Nov 14-16, 2006


  "Resilient Women" (7 min)

Documentary film on how women become change makers after
5 years of Tsunami in Tamilnadu, India

This documentary film explores how imaginative, meaningful and long-term interventions can change the lives of women and community in disaster affected areas. The film follows the journey of women to rebuild their habitats and livelihoods in the five years post tsunami in Cuddalore and Nagapattinam, two of the worst affected districts in Tamilnadu (India). It showcases how these resilient women overcame their socio-economic and physical vulnerabilities to contribute to the overall development of their communities and become better prepared for any future disaster.

Swayam Shikshan Prayog | GROOTS International. 2010

View the film:



Videos on Disaster Risk Reduction

ProVention was established by the World Bank in 2000 to address the increasing frequency and severity of natural disasters and their social, economic and environmental impacts on developing countries. As poor countries continue to be disproportionately affected by disasters and incur the majority of costs, there is a growing recognition of the inextricable links between disaster vulnerability, poverty and development.

Watch the videos:


From chaos to creativity (15 min)

Produced by the Groots International Network, this 15-minute film features footage from three member groups in India , Turkey , and Honduras who supported women and their communities to organize and rebuild their lives following devastating natural disasters. Viewers learn hear how women acted to redirect relief aid, secure food and shelter, combat corruption, and later organize themselves to run community women and children centers and income generating activities following earthquakes and hurricanes.  

Women community leaders describe the wide gap between the real needs of poverty-affected families and the official response of governments. This included flawed housing programs and the neglect of basic services. The film describes how women were inspired to create collective initiatives to secure their families' basic needs. 

Assessing their gains and losses, community members articulate why future disaster interventions must involve (not marginalize) affected citizens in planning and implementing community recovery and development. Most important, it showcases how grassroots women must play to anchor disaster response -a central message of the film.

Contributions from:
Comite De Emergencia Garifuna , Honduras | Foundation for Support of Women's Work , Turkey | Swayam Shikshan Prayog, India

Partners & Financial Supporters:
Bernard Van Leer Foundation, Netherlands | Ford Foundation, Governance Unit | American Jewish World Services AJWS | Hazard Management Unit, World Bank | Huairou Comission | Citigroup India |
Misereor | Procter & Gamble | Bora Onur | Petra Wagner

Watch the video  



Our Life, Our Film (25 min)

Directed by eight grassroot women belonging to quake-ravaged villages of Kutch in Gujarat, this unique visual narrative walks the road with women and children in their struggle to rebuild their lives. This film had screened in rural Gujarat, the media in Delhi and Mumbai and other parts of the country got a good review on the theme and the treatment.

Directed by The women from quake-ravaged villages of Gujarat | Produced by Swayam Shikshan Prayog, India |

Supported by Citigroup India | Huairou Commission | Groots International

View the film  



Women Builders

Women Builders "Breaking barriers in earthquake torn villages" is an account of women rebuilding habitats and restoring livelihoods after disasters. It tells how women's groups take the lead when there is space to take part in rehabilitation and development, with a little help from the Government, donors and NGOs like Swayam Shikshan Prayog (SSP), Mumbai, whose work is the focus of the book.

The book was released in Latur on September 29, 2003, at a meeting of over 4000 women on the eve of the earthquake decennial.

The publisher, Books for Change, Bangalore, brings out publications that address issues of poverty, development, gender and human rights. Grassroots Organisations Operating Together in Sisterhood (GROOTS) International that has supported this book project is a Partners of women's organisations worldwide.

Written by Max Martin | Published by Books for Change, Bangalore | Supported by GROOTS International





Training on Disasters (World Bank Hazard Management Unit)

World Bank Hazard Management Unit GROOTS International members working on community-level disaster response gave a training programme to World Bank staff and academics on April 6, 2004.

April 6, 2004 Hazard Management Unit, The World Bank, Washington, DC

 Lessons Learned Consolidating Strategies and Goals
to Outline a New Implementation Model: Harvesting Insights From the Experiences of Honduras, Turkey, Jamaica & India
Sandra Schilen, GROOTS International

 Engaging Women in Disaster Mitigation
Carmen Griffith, CRDC, Jamaica

 Grassroots Women's Groups as Communication Intermediaries
Prema Gopalan, Swayam Shikshan Prayog, India

 Grassroots Women's Leadership: Grassroots Women's Leadership: Disaster to Disaster to Development
Sengul Akcar (FSWW), Turkey

 A Community and Women Centered Framework for Disaster Response and Recovery. Suranjana Gupta, Huariou Commission



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